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    Vehicle Electronics — Going Contactless

    Content type: Media Coverage

    Joel Sylvester looks at why contactless on-cell monitoring could be the next step for automotive battery design. Read the full article on pdf page 13.

  2. Frost and Sullivan Best Practices Award 2023

    The Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award 2023 recognizes Dukosi as a pioneering developer of cell monitoring and battery management technology that offers cutting-edge solutions for real-time monitoring and accurate data analysis.

  3. An example of cell temperatures within an EV battery

    While there are voltage measurements on every cell, only one or two current sensors are present per battery pack, and the number of temperature sensors can vary greatly. In this blog we demonstrate why putting a temperature sensor on every...

  4. Dr Anna Stefanopoulou and Stefan Juraschek, Dukosi technical advisors

    BMW Group veteran and University of Michigan Professor bring decades of expertise in automotive electronic systems and battery modeling and control to the chip-on-cell technology solution pioneer.

  5. Dukosi chip on cell on a battery pack

    What is Dukosi’s C-SynQ®

    Content type: Blog post

    C-SynQ® is Dukosi’s proprietary communication protocol that is designed specifically for large networks in safety-critical environments, i.e. large battery-packs.

  6. Mark Pinto Dukosi CEO

    The strategic appointment of former Board director, and head of the Dukosi Technical Advisory Board provides leadership continuity. Pinto brings a strong commitment to preserving the strategic vision and values that have defined Dukosi’s success to date.

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