Dukosi DK8102 and DK8202 chips

Smarter Cells Make Better Batteries

Dukosi intelligent chip-on-cell technology creates safer, smarter, simpler batteries. We're transforming the way battery systems work in world-changing applications such as electric vehicles (EVs), industrial transport, and battery energy storage systems (BESS).

Dukosi chip-on-cell technology architecture
  • Simplify battery designs and increase usable energy per cell
  • Build cell-level intelligence with 24/7 data monitoring and event logging
  • Streamline assembly and improve manufacturing efficiency
  • Build a circular economy and sustainable battery supply chain

Industry Testimonials

"Pairing Dukosi’s unique chip-on-cell monitoring solution with our flagship Potere LTO battery cell product is a perfect match. Dukosi’s solution offers more granular and accurate measurements of all cells, allowing us to reach strict SoC efficiency requirements in our target markets, such as marine, industry trucking or rail transportation. What’s more, the integrated cell passport helps to show compliance with the latest regulations and enables a circular economy"

Mr. Hwang, CSO, Grinergy Corp.

Monitoring batteries at the cell level brings a wide range of benefits across the entire battery ecosystem. Dukosi’s unique cell monitoring capabilities with on-cell lifetime traceability provides greater benefits than existing solutions and also provides a path towards a more sustainable battery value chain”.

Bob Galyen, Battery Industry Pioneer

"Whether electric vehicles, energy storage, or marine applications, Dukosi’s flexible and scalable solution is suitable for all our markets and will significantly reduce time-to-market due to its simple architecture."

Eric Yang, CEO, Hengmei

"After reviewing the complex wiring diagrams of high voltage battery packs, it became immediately clear to us the superiority of Dukosi’s approach. For EC Power, the cell level intelligence they offer has unlocked a realm of innovative, next-generation charging protocols. We couldn't be more excited about what the future holds for this technology"

Eric Rountree, CEO, EC Power
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Careers at Dukosi

Make a difference creating a sustainable future in next generation battery technology.

Enabling a sustainable future is at the heart of our business. It drives our search for new ideas to improve the technologies that create better batteries and enable a circular economy.

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