Enabling a circular economy

Developed with sustainability and safety at the forefront, Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ® can be a core part of ISO26262 compliance in the next generation of battery management systems. By capturing and storing lifetime data for each cell, Dukosi is helping to create a circular economy (reduce, reuse, recycle) and sustainable battery value chain.

Improvements in sustainability comes from many facets of the Dukosi solution in the battery/cell lifecycle:

diagram showing circular economy of battery cells

Not every cell degrades at the same rate during use; the challenge is determining the status of each cell at the end of its first life, and which are still good to be reused. Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ provides lifetime traceability, which can reduce or even eliminate the barriers to second-life use. It provides unparalleled insights into each cell’s lifecycle, easily determining which are healthy, and are therefore safe to ship, store and reuse. Once the cells can no longer be reused, the data provides essential materials provenance for responsible recycling and recovery of raw materials.

a measurement of weight

Battery weight and material reduction

Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ uses a patented contactless communication architecture that eliminates complex wiring harnesses and other components typically found in traditional wired battery architectures. In a typical EV battery, the chip-on-cell solution can reduce component count by 10x, reducing weight, and improving reliability by up to 2x.

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Reduced manufacturing costs

Work with battery designs that are now easily scalable, as cell and battery pack manufacturing can be streamlined, reducing energy consumption in the process. With its inherently flexible architecture, the Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ allows manufacturers to add or remove cells from a single pack design without having to retool a process, further reducing materials costs and energy use.

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Cell performance increase

Dukosi’s unique technology measures parameters such as voltage and temperature from each cell, and provides highly accurate, granular cell data that allows the battery management system to extract more usable energy from each cell while maintaining or increasing longevity. This new source of accumulated data can generate new insights into long-term battery performance and reliability.

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Full lifetime traceability

When implemented at an early stage in cell manufacturing, each cell is assigned a unique ID that assures the reliability of the supply chain, as both the serial # and the cell ID must match. This full data traceability throughout the cell’s lifecycle also helps manufacturers to show compliance with new regulations.

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