Dukosi chip on cell installed in a battery pack

BMS Designers

Create more reliable, more cost-effective BMS systems for wide-ranging applications.

Supporting all BMS topologies. Simplify BMS design with the addition of C-SynQ® communication providing faster time to market, streamlined battery certification, and flexibility to accommodate different battery capacities.

Dukosi chip on cell with C-SynQ bus antenna

Contactless, but without the drawbacks of wireless

Using a patented contactless communication system based on near-field technology, the Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ offers all the reliability and cost benefits of removing the complex wiring harness, without the drawbacks of line of sight (LoS), interference mitigations, and security commitment of a far-field wireless BMS system.

Cell-level data accuracy

With each Dukosi Cell Monitor IC providing highly accurate and detailed information of each cell’s behavior and lifetime status, it provides new insights into a battery pack’s long-term use. This gives applications more confidence to unlock more performance from each cell while still achieving the same reliability and warranty standards.

Dukosi chip on cell scalable solution

Flexible and scalable architecture

The Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ allows application developers to scale easily and address different markets with varying battery capacities and chemistries, without making major BMS design changes. Simply add as many cells as needed to the pack and extend the bus antenna to facilitate communication to the Dukosi System Hub, and main BMS controller.

Dukosi chip on cell with C-SynQ in the lab

Enhance battery safety

The Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ® allows every cell in the battery pack to be monitored 24/7, even when the main BMS controller is in a low-power state. This provides immediate detection of cell-level problems and earlier fault diagnosis, creating safer, more reliable battery-powered applications. If necessary, the solution can wake the host controller at any time, even if the vehicle is unattended during shipping, storage, or periods between activity.

Reduce weight, improve reliability

Weight reductions and reliability improvements are achieved beyond the cell by eliminating the complex wiring harness, supplementary PCBs, connectors, module assemblies, and other associated components, creating a simpler, streamlined battery design.

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