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Battery Energy Storage Systems

Scalable and reliable management for BESS applications

Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ® helps deliver the performance, reliability and safety gains needed for next generation, large-scale battery storage systems. The flexible architecture delivers benefits for grid, load shifting, peak shaving, behind the meter and other energy storage applications.

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Highly scalable architecture

Capable of supporting over 200 cells from a single Dukosi System Hub, and able to scale with multiple System Hubs per BMS, the Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ can accommodate the largest energy storage systems.

The flexible design allows more cells to be dropped in or replaced when required, even without shutting down the BMS. The patented, contactless communication architecture using near-field technology means the changes are picked up immediately, without having to fuss with a complex wiring harness.

This scalable solution enables new architectures like cell-to-pack, providing manufacturing flexibility to accommodate new designs.

Reliable charging

Cell-level measurements enable more precise charging control, while also ensuring there is no overheating, overvoltage or erroneous event from each cell as it charges, allowing the battery pack to charge faster with confidence.

battery energy storage container

Greater system safety and reliability

The Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ allows every cell in the battery pack to be monitored 24/7, even when the main BMS controller is in a low-power state. This provides immediate detection of cell-level problems, and earlier fault diagnosis, creating a safer, more reliable Energy Storage Systems.

24/7 measuring of every cell’s temperature enables safer batteries, as any cell experiencing an elevated temperature can be identified immediately. This detection is at least 5 minutes earlier than battery packs without cell-level temperature measurement, which can be crucial to give more time for people or safety systems to act in response to such events.

Enabling a circular economy and sustainable battery chain

By capturing and storing lifetime data on each cell, the Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ promotes a circular economy (reduce, reuse, recycle) throughout the battery value chain. When the Dukosi Cell Monitor is implemented at an early stage in cell manufacturing, the solution offers lifetime traceability and helps operators to show compliance with the latest regulations.

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More usable energy per cell

The Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ can extract more usable energy per cell, maximizing the potential capacity of each battery. With each Dukosi Cell Monitor providing highly accurate, detailed granular information into each cell’s behavior and lifetime status, it provides better insights into a battery pack’s long-term use, giving the confidence to unlock more energy from each cell while still achieving the same reliability standards.

Reduce costs, optimize and automate manufacturing

Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ requires fewer components per battery pack, which in turn simplifies the manufacturing process and supply chain, reducing materials costs, and it can potentially enable a fully automated assembly line by eliminating time-consuming manual assembly line steps when installing wires, connectors, and pins.

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