Dukosi Advantages

Chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ®

Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ® builds batteries that are simpler, safer, smarter, and more sustainable. The technology offers more in-depth insights into how each cell is performing, enabling manufacturers, OEMs and product designers to create better optimized solutions that precisely fit their applications.

Simpler batteries

Our patented solution eliminates complex wiring harnesses, reduces component count, and simplifies battery design.

The Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ enables smaller, lighter, less complex batteries using a single bus antenna, without the need for line-of-sight restrictions.

Safer batteries

Battery safety is paramount in a rapidly emerging electrification market.

The Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ provides real-time, cell-level data insights that alert to early indications of safety issues.

Smarter batteries

Cell-level intelligence improves efficiency, enables faster charging, promotes longer life.

Improved efficiency, safety, and longevity of the battery pack alows more accurate decisions to be made about its operating parameters based on its exact usage, operating environment, and pack status.

Deeper understanding

Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ can monitor the health of every cell in every battery.

By collecting a lifetime of data from every cell in a battery, it can help build big data pools from every in-use or used battery pack, giving unprecedented insights to cell makers, pack makers and product designers when they come to create the next-generation of cells, batteries or battery-powered applications.

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