Cells in a battery pack featuring Dukosi chip on cell

Cell Manufacturing

Build supply chain trust, security and safety for customers

Manufacture and ship cells with supply chain trust and security built-in. Give customers cell-level lifetime data and condition monitoring from the moment of manufacture.

Tiny Dukosi DK8201 sitting on a finger tip

Maximize supply chain trust and security

By using the Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ® during cell manufacture, the data stored within the Cell Monitor IC ensures both are ‘tied’ together, i.e. recording each cell serial number in its secure data store, which provides a layer of trust as the stored information must reflect the cell it's attached to.

Cell-specific information stored includes manufacturer, raw material sources, date and time, and serial number, as well as dynamic parameters like temperature and voltage, which are constantly monitored and logged on each cell from day 1.

Integrating the Cell Monitor IC during back-end formation ensures that the lifetime data can never be removed without damaging the cell beyond use, offering a 100% secure solution.

Quickly optimize manufacturing scale-up with 24/7 cell monitoring

By implementing the Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ® during cell manufacturing, the Cell Monitor IC starts logging data immediately, providing continuous 24/7 monitoring. Reading the Cell Monitor IC during the manufacturing process and quality assurance testing can simplify operations, improving efficiency.

Unlock insights into cell use and ageing

Through cell-level insights, cell makers can, for the first time, begin to understand a more detailed picture of each cell’s lifecycle. By collecting data on every cell produced, it can offer deep analytics that become the basis of intelligent decisions to optimize their products for future generations of batteries.

Enhanced safety with real-time monitoring

Dukosi chip-on-cell technology with C-SynQ® enables safer batteries during manufacturing, storage and shipping. When the manufacturing line or storage area is equipped with a Dukosi System Hub IC to read the data from each cell’s Cell Monitor IC, proactive measures can be taken to identify and remove faulty cells. It’s particularly useful during the safety-critical cell ageing phase of manufacturing, where the cells are tested over a longer period for the first time.

Duksoi chip on cell lab testing

Lower liability and warranty risk with accurate data and event logging

24/7 cell monitoring includes continuous logging during inactive times such as storage or shipping, ensuring full lifetime data collection. Precise event logging helps to manage warranty claims efficiently, avoiding potential conflicts. It greatly reduces the safety measures required during shipping, while testing time post-transport is greatly accelerated, which reduces operating costs. Should something go wrong, it is quick to ascertain if the issue arose at the cell manufacturer, during shipping or after arriving at their customer, assigning liability efficiently.

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