1. An example of cell temperatures within an EV battery

    While there are voltage measurements on every cell, only one or two current sensors are present per battery pack, and the number of temperature sensors can vary greatly. In this blog we demonstrate why putting a temperature sensor on every...

  2. Dukosi chip on cell on a battery pack

    What is Dukosi’s C-SynQ®

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    C-SynQ® is Dukosi’s proprietary communication protocol that is designed specifically for large networks in safety-critical environments, i.e. large battery-packs.

  3. battery energy storage system rack

    In the modern ESS platform, data movement, interpretation, and ability to execute specific actions are vital to understanding how and when to charge and discharge a battery, and identify potential problems quickly.

  4. An engineer working in the Dukosi lab

    A prime function of a battery monitoring system (BMS) is to maintain safe charge and discharge, reducing risk of cell degradation, damage and even fire. The benefits go beyond that though...