Here at Dukosi we’re committed to developing disruptive battery management technology.

Our technology makes cells smart. By embedding our custom chip with our patented RF communications, we process individual cell models providing health, performance and life-long data insights.

To help you understand just one major benefit of our technology for automotive applications, we’ve developed a calculator tool.

This will demonstrate the percentage saving of a battery just by reducing the wiring harness using our RF technology. 

We focus on the following three areas:

Zero cables – we eliminate the cost of complex sensor wiring harnesses using our patented RF technology

Increased battery life and improved performance predictability – from our novel cell modelling and patented capacity balancing

Disruptive insights – across the cell and battery cycle-life from our embedded trusted data analysis

Other derived benefits:

Improved SoC and SoH calculations
More accurate residual life valuation, increased warranty and decreased risk
• Increased chance of second life use

Inbuilt monitoring reducing shipping and storage risk
Reduced wiring complexity improves safety during assembly and reliability in use

Our technology could enable significant battery cost savings by reducing the BMS wiring harness in your battery system

Try our calculator to learn more>>>  

Batteries are changing

If you want to shift to smarter energy management technology that can reduce manufacturing cost, improve performance and increase value, please contact us to find out more.

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