The world is transitioning to a low carbon future in which clean, renewable electricity powers our vehicles, transport networks, homes and businesses.

Batteries are integral to this low carbon electric future.
We want to improve batteries by better understanding
and managing them.

Our vision

We want to see intelligent batteries powering our world,
delivering more energy more efficiently throughout their first,
second and subsequent life applications.

What we do

We unlock the black box and provide the best intelligence
on the real time performance and life long history of any battery. 

The need to manage, deliver and store power more efficiently is becoming increasingly important. We believe that existing battery management technology is not fit for purpose.

The key to the health and success of any system is understanding and looking after
the detail. Like living organisms batteries are made up of cells. The health of each of these cells is vital in the overall performance of the battery, its consistency, longevity
and its ability to store and deliver energy.

Deeper battery understanding 

We have developed unique cell based technology that enables us to monitor the health of individual battery cells. We use this granular data to provide cell level intelligence with more speed and precision than existing battery management systems.

Better battery performance

Our technology provides real time data on individual cell performance. This reduces battery downtime, improves reliability, enhances rapid charging and allows cell by cell modelling. This means the size of a battery pack can be optimised with more assurance and accuracy. 

More detailed battery provenance

We place permanent memory on each cell to record its lifetime service history. As second life applications become more common for battery packs, the importance of understanding their provenance and likely future performance increases.

Our technology provides a verifiable ‘CV’ of the battery and the life story of each cell. This reduces repackaging costs and enhances battery value.

Lighter and more scalable

Our technology architecture means considerably less wiring and allows for the simple design and reconfiguration of battery packs. 

Our system is cell chemistry and format agnostic, powered by the cell itself and scalable across a range of battery sizes and configurations.

Making batteries better

We are creating batteries that work better for everyone. Batteries that are intelligent and easily monitored. Batteries that are easier and cheaper to scale and specify. Batteries that have longer lifespans and higher second-life value. Batteries that do all these things will mean we move to a low carbon, sustainable future rapidly and economically.

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