Dukosi Limited

We create advanced cell technology solutions that streamline and improve battery performance

An ASIC Chip with Embedded Software

We provide a silicon chip that integrates cell sensing, processing and communications. The chip includes embedded software, building a functionally safe and feature-rich system.

Dukosi’s custom chip, with our patented RF communications, connects individual or groups of cells. We process individual cell models providing health, performance, safety, and lifelong data insights. 

Our qualified ASIC chip will be available mid-2019. 

We focus on the following three areas:

Zero cables eliminate the cost of complex sensor wiring harnesses using our patented RF technology

Increased battery life and improved performance predictability from our novel cell modelling and patented capacity balancing

Disruptive insights across the cell and battery cycle-life from our embedded trusted data analysis

Our vision is to see our technology powering every battery cell in the transformation to electrification

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