The Dukosi revolutionary cell based technology is the only solution that truly enables Intelligent Cells that monitor, process and communicate.

Delivered in a tiny 5mm x 5mm CMOS chip with embedded software and onboard processing and memory, the Dukosi solution will sense and process temperature, voltage and current data for each cell, and also features our proprietary near field wireless communication. This enables the rich cell information to be analysed and summarised, and sent wirelessly and securely to the battery pack interface unit, greatly reducing the pack complexity, and enhancing flexibility and reliability.

The Dukosi solution has been developed with functional safety at the forefront, and to be a core part of  ISO26262 compliant systems, as part of the next generation of battery management.

For technical enquiries and latest specifications please send your details to info@dukosi.com.



Deeper battery understanding 

We have developed unique cell based technology that enables us to monitor the health of individual battery cells. We use this granular data to provide cell level intelligence with more speed and precision than existing battery management systems.

Better battery performance

Our technology provides real time data on individual cell performance. This reduces battery downtime, improves reliability, enhances rapid charging and allows cell by cell modelling. This means the size of a battery pack can be optimised with more assurance and accuracy. 

More detailed battery provenance

We place permanent memory on each cell to record its lifetime service history. As second life applications become more common for battery packs, the importance of understanding their provenance and likely future performance increases.

Our technology provides a verifiable ‘CV’ of the battery and the life story of each cell. This reduces repackaging costs and enhances battery value.

Lighter and more scalable

Our technology architecture means considerably less wiring and allows for the simple design and reconfiguration of battery packs. 

Our system is cell chemistry and format agnostic, powered by the cell itself and scalable across a range of battery sizes and configurations.

Other Projects


UK-ABSC (UK Advanced Battery Supply Chain) is an APC and Innovate UK funded project in conjunction with AGM Batteries, Cosworth and Warwick Manufacturing Group.

The £5.4m project aims to establish a robust automotive lithium battery technology supply chain based within the United Kingdom for high performance niche electric vehicles. Using the expertise and innovation of all the consortium members, the project will see its completion in July 2019.



BMSzero is an R&D project creating a modular, wireless, li-ion battery pack incorporating Dukosi’s CMS technology and active cooling. BMSzero best suits low-volume applications and for projects that may need rapid implementation; encouraging faster routes to market by eliminating long R&D periods.

The project is funded by Scottish Enterprise. Each module integrates active cooling, developed in conjunction with Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh through a Knowledge Transfer Partnership.


Knowledge Transfer Partnership with Heriot-Watt University

The Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) with Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh is a 2-year project to develop expertise in lithium-ion cell thermal modelling and battery thermal management systems.

The project aims to deliver a modular and scalable thermal management solution. Outcomes from the KTP project has benefited the BMSzero and UK-ABSC projects, as well as the ongoing development of the core CMS. Partnering with Heriot-Watt University has also allowed Dukosi to contribute towards several undergraduate student projects.