Integrated Intelligence

With Dukosi’s system hub, every cell in every battery can monitor, process data and report its condition wirelessly.

Safer batteries

Battery safety is paramount in a rapidly emerging electrification market.

Dukosi technology eliminates safety risks through wireless architecture, and provides early indications on safety issues

Eliminating complex modular structures improves energy density and provides real design flexibility.

Dukosi enables smaller, lighter, less complex batteries with true wireless capability, without the need for line-of-sight restrictions.

Simpler batteries

Smarter batteries

Improved efficiency, faster charging, longer life.

Adding real intelligence into the battery improves efficiency, safety and longevity of the battery pack.

Dukosi delivers deeper understanding

Dukosi’s unique cell-based technology means you can monitor the health of every cell in every battery.

Dukosi’s distributed sensor hub architecture offers accurate, real-time cell monitoring, data processing and communications using patented near-field wireless technology.

It generates detailed intelligence at the cell level, sharing it simply and with vastly more speed and precision than conventional approaches.

Contained within a tiny CMOS chip, with embedded software and onboard processing and memory, Dukosi can sense and process many aspects of the cell.

Find out how our technology applies to EV, industrial and grid/domestic power storage uses.

Cell Makers
Greater efficiency – Cell-based technology
Lower inventory costs – Simpler and cheaper implementation
Improved warranty – Predictive health of cells
Differentiated product – Market advantage
BMS Designers
Data accuracy — finer detail
Improved monitoring — cell level granularity
Simpler implementation — system on a chip
Differentiation — new data products
Battery Pack Makers
Lower weight — Fewer materials required
Smaller packs — ~10% by volume
Lower cost packs — 25% lower battery management cost
Efficiency — Increased assembly automation
Safer batteries — More accurate monitoring
Market opportunities — More design options
Extended Life — Better health management
Extended Range — Smaller, lighter packs
Better Battery Performance — Increased usable power
Faster Charging — Individual cell monitoring
Earlier Preventative Maintenance — Individual cell clarity
Improved Residual Value — Complete life history
Second Life Users
Greater confidence — Complete life history
Earlier Preventative Maintenance — Individual cell clarity
Extended Life — Better health management
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More energy in a smaller pack

Better performance, whatever the chemistry, cell format or pack design.

With real-time data revealing individual cell performance, batteries experience less downtime, become more reliable, and charge quicker.

Dukosi’s technology works with all cell chemistries in automotive as well as large-scale industrial or storage applications.

Its overall architecture and design saves on wiring and makes battery packs simpler and more compact.

Discover how Dukosi technology revolutionizes battery management

Longer life

Sustainability is central to the design philosophy

As second life applications become more common for battery packs, the importance of understanding their provenance and likely future performance increases.

Dukosi’s chip acts as a ‘birth certificate’ and a verifiable ‘CV’ of the battery, together forming a life story of each cell.

Developed with sustainability and safety at the forefront, Dukosi’s technology is a core part of ISO26262 compliant, next generation of battery management systems.

Explore the long-term benefits of Dukosi’s technology in energy storage and vehicle applications

To develop revolutionary technologies that dramatically improve the performance, safety and efficiency of battery systems

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