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Infographic: Which is the better BMS design?

Battery Energy Storage Systems (BESS) and Electric Vehicles (EV) are crucial technologies required to achieve a sustainable future, and demand for these is predicted to keep growing. To meet their diverse market needs, battery production must be sustainable, scalable and flexible. However, current designs are complex and present several technical challenges and limitations:

wired and wireless BMS architectures

Scaling wired designs can be difficult:

Dukosi contactless battery architecture

Dukosi Cell Monitoring System showing a simpler contactless design using near field RF

By eliminating the complex wiring harness and connectors from the battery pack, Dukosi’s solution simplifies manufacturing, improves safety, reduces costs and increases reliability, ultimately enabling greater scalability to meet the rapidly growing demand for high-powered battery applications.

DKCMS advantages

smaller pack size and lower BOM, per cell scalability and data storage, intrinsic high voltage isolation

Beyond the battery

Enabling a circular economy at the cell level

A diagram showing no data is stored in the cells of a standard wired BMS, only the BMS host

In other architectures, battery usage and provenance data are recorded in the BMS host. The usage data is stored, providing the cells remain in the battery. Insight into each cell’s life before or after integration with the BMS is not recorded, limiting reuse and recycling opportunities.

Dukosi Cell Monitor with Cell Passport data stored on each battery cell

Dukosi’s solution captures and stores the lifetime data of each cell on each Cell Monitor for the life of the cell, enabling a circular economy (reduce, reuse, recycle) and sustainable battery value chain.

  • Supports battery passport

  • Lifetime usage data

  • Provenance information

  • Materials information

  • Supplier details

  • Unique identifiers and custom fields

Download the infographic (PDF)

Learn more about wired, wireless and contactless battery management systems in this white paper.

Click here to learn more about how Dukosi can help you meet your battery system design, performance, safety and/or sustainability goals.

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