Electrify your purpose

Whatever your talent and experience, what really matters is how you use it.

Everyone on Dukosi’s team is drawn to our project because it is ambitious—bringing revolutionary change to battery power and contributing to a bigger objective.

Our environmental purpose is at the heart of our business and drives our search for new ideas and approaches to improve the technologies that can help toward countering climate change.


Featured people

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William Fallon

Director Applications

Willie leads a team responsible for silicon testing and customer support—developing evaluation kits and advising on implementation. Engineering has always been in the family; before going to university to study electronics, he had helped his father who was also an engineer.

Although Willie previously worked in a consumer electronics arena, he has tasted the experience of being in a fast growth business before and was eager for the variety of opportunity that it brings. A big motivation for joining DUKOSI is the range of areas of the business he can influence—it’s about contributing far more than a job role might suggest. Everyone knows we’re in it together, he says, and you feel confident that help is always available.

Willie now has a young family of his own and sees how very aware of the environment they are. That makes joining DUKOSI all the more important: in an industry that has not historically been very environmentally friendly, it is finding new ways to help.

And it’s a good time to be doing it– industry has to change, and technology is the agent of change. DUKOSI’s technology is new, and new to a lot of potential customers, but, says Willie, when you tell them about it, they immediately see the benefits.


Ross Ballany

IC Development Digital Lead

Ross, who takes the role of digital leader, joined the team at Dukosi a year ago from a larger electronics firm. The timing was right for a change in direction and the idea of a smaller firm appealed—he likes the freedom and finds more excitement than in the corporate environment.

Another difference for Ross was in the market. DUKOSI’s technology increases the safety and reliability of batteries, but it also enables a more accurate assessment of health, which can extend its life well beyond the original application. The additional requirements for durability and reliability present a new and exciting challenge compared to the challenges in designing products for consumer electronics.

As a design engineer, Ross also feels that working in a smaller team gives him more opportunity to be involved in multiple areas—big companies tend to put you in a silo, and you can be stuck there. Although the barriers between different aspects of the whole project are lower here, the requirements for safety and the degree of accuracy and precision raise the stakes—which keeps it challenging.


Ian Hope

Senior Software Engineer

Ian joined Dukosi over a year ago to work in the embedded software that makes up our cell monitoring system.

He was looking for a new role and the technology was interesting for him, as were the people: there are a lot of talented engineers here and it contributes to an atmosphere where learning and trading experience is encouraged.

Embedded is a huge subject and it’s everywhere: in TVs, in your phone and in automotive situations of course. It’s like a program that has a life of its own, running unsupervised and without interaction, its software that’s largely invisible to the user.

What’s far more visible is the culture at DUKOSI. There is a strong sense of everyone pulling in the same direction and clear on where we want to get to with the products. Like any fast growth business there are good and bad days, but we look at the success we have engaging customers and the positive feedback we can see that there’s a lot of interest in what we’re doing.

We do NOT use recruitment agencies. Any agency that sends us unsolicited resumes or CVs will be ignored. We refuse to accept any unsolicited terms and conditions. If, in spite of this, an agency sends us unsolicited CVs, then we reserve the right to pursue such candidates of interest to us by any route we wish, other than through the agency, and will not accept any obligation to pay any fees.

To develop revolutionary technologies that dramatically improve the performance, safety and efficiency of battery systems

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