Dukosi have successfully delivered their first customer evaluation unit – a huge milestone for the company.

This allows our smart cell monitoring device and RF communications to be tested in a self-contained system. The tests can be set-up in different series and parallel cell configurations. Drive cycles can be programmed for different applications so the kit is applicable across a range of applications including automotive, grid level energy storage and industrial. A data sheet will be available shortly.

This is the first time we have been able to share our hardware and software with our customers and allow them to experience the features and benefits of our technology first-hand in their own environment. This will lead to increased customer engagement over the coming months.

This unit will also be used by our engineering team to develop the technology through to commercialisation and will lay down the foundation for larger scale proof of concept units in 2017.

The team (pictured, with our furry mascot, Merlin) have been truly dedicated to delivering this project on time whilst meeting the requirements specification.