Showcasing our disruptive battery cell management technology

We will be showcasing our latest developments at the Battery Show North America next month. With a specialist engineering team on-site, we will present our ground-breaking Cell Monitoring System (CMS) at booth 1619 via a series of private one-to-one meetings and public demonstrations. Joel Sylvester, our CTO, will present a CMS Product Showcase at 2.45pm on Tuesday, 12th September.

Our unique CMS makes lithium-ion battery cells smart – combining a custom Dukosi chip with its patented near-field RF communications capability that monitors and captures data at the individual cell level. The CMS delivers state of health, performance, safety and other key supporting data throughout the product life cycle.

With its wireless approach to communications, the CMS dramatically reduces the cost and complexity of the battery management system, and eliminates the need for complex sensor wiring harnesses. Documenting provenance on every cell, it also enables improvements in cell and battery manufacturing processes. The technology is designed to support improved product warranty management and second life applications for example. Finally, the CMS uses a novel approach to cell data modelling that supports increased battery life and improved diagnostics and prognostics.

Batteries are integral to a low carbon electric future and Dukosi’s technology is designed to gain a better understanding of how batteries perform and how they should be managed. We are already engaged in a range of strategic projects with key stakeholders and are looking forward to meeting the delegates at The Battery Show to explore future collaborations for Dukosi’s CMS technology.

About Dukosi
Dukosi is a developer of intelligent wireless technology that transforms the way batteries are designed, deployed and managed in automotive, marine, grid and industrial energy storage applications, among others. By reducing complexity, improving accuracy, and providing a unique history for each cell, Dukosi dramatically reduces the cost and weight of batteries, optimises individual cell performance and extends their useful life.

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