Dukosi’s innovative EVoIC technology was showcased at the Commonwealth Games Business Event with Dukosi being one of several companies demonstrating Scotland’s remarkable entrepreneurial community.

Scotland hosted the Commonwealth Games and  not only attracted some of the world’s top athletes to Glasgow but  also a lot of business people from Scotland, the Commonwealth and other parts of the world. This was a great opportunity for the business community to capitalise on one of the many spin-off benefits from the Commonwealth Games.

During the Games, Scottish Enterprise and Scottish Development International hosted a series of market awareness and business events showcasing some great examples of remarkable Scottish companies with international growth potential.

“Teaming with Start-ups” was one of these events and was organised to showcase 12 of the most innovative Scottish companies in the technology, energy and life sectors and give them the opportunity to find skilled and talented business people that have been attracted into the city during the Games.

The event was hosted by Informatics Ventures and took place in Scotland House, home to Team Scotland during the Games. With exceptional keynote speakers including John Innes, former CEO of Amor Group, Dr Eleanor Mitchell, Senior Director of Commercialisation in Scottish Enterprise and John Swinney, Cabinet Secretary for Finance and Sustainable Growth in the Scottish Government, as well as some of the country’s most dynamic and passionate entrepreneurs, it was a great opportunity to demonstrate Scotland’s inventiveness and innovation.

Dukosi was selected as a company that demonstrated innovation, market intelligence and international growth potential. Dukosi recognises the value of exploring exciting areas in the technology industry that haven’t been explored yet.

Gordon Povey, Dukosi CEO, explained:

“Dukosi is an excellent example of a company which is putting thought leadership at the heart of its business. We bring innovative ideas and technology into the electric vehicles market, a business area which has now started to take off globally. With our EVoIC technology, we hope to play an important part in helping optimise electric vehicles performance in order to eliminate the industry’s barriers to growth”.