Dukosi recently travelled to Taiwan to meet EV component manufacturers.

Asian automotive makers have a bold and exciting vision for the future – the development of the strongest and most technologically advanced electric vehicle markets in the world. We experienced this excitement on our recent trip to Taiwan where we met with several EV component suppliers. These companies are all working towards creating highly efficient electric cars that will provide a major boost to the EVs market.


Asia currently represents the largest market for electric vehicles sales worldwide. China, Taiwan, Singapore and Japan are growing markets that account for approximately 50% of electric cars in the world.  The companies that we met also highlighted the opportunity to build the biggest global market for electric cars as many international companies such as VW are rapidly expanding their operations in the Asian market.

As Asian technology companies have been in the forefront of technical innovation, it comes as no surprise that they are looking at developing the most advanced technology. They know that the development of efficient technologies can foster the explosion in demand for electric cars and support market growth. Having identified the typical barriers that delay the adoption of EVs, Asian manufacturers are now looking at optimising EV battery systems and adopting better battery technology.  One of these is to increase re-use of batteries and maximise their re-purposing value.