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PlugVolt Battery Seminar 2024

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Dukosi will be presenting on day 3 (Energy Storage Systems in Stationary Grid Applications) at the PlugVolt Battery Seminar in San Jose, CA on 18th July 2024 at 4:00pm

Location: Holiday Inn San Jose - Silicon Valley, 1350 North 1st Street, San Jose, CA 95112 USA

Title: Reduce System Complexity with Chip-on-Cell Battery Monitoring
Speaker: Carlton Brown, Dukosi Inc.

At PlugVolt Battery Seminar 2024, Dukosi Inc. VP Technical Marketing, Carlton Brown, will present a technical session that details how Dukosi’s chip-on-cell technology can help achieve the next-generation battery targets for EV and BESS applications. The talk includes the effects of the EU Battery Passport and US Inflation Reduction Act on these applications and breaks down how a reduction of system complexity offers several advantages, such as reduced costs, improved manufacturing efficiency, and battery reliability. In addition, the Dukosi solution goes even further by enabling full lifetime usage via data storage on each cell, which stimulates a circular economy through grading and reuse opportunities, before on-cell materials information promotes optimized recycling at end-of-life.


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