Energy Storage Systems

Greater system safety and reliability
Higher performance and extended battery life
More usable energy available

Scalable and reliable battery management for energy storage

Dukosi technologies are central to delivering performance gains and resolving integration concerns for large scale energy storage systems.

Benefits for grid, load shifting, peak shaving, behind the meter and other residential energy storage applications.

How Dukosi transforms
energy storage

Using Dukosi’s cell-based technology with wireless communication, capture, process and report rich information on every cell in the battery

Eliminating the majority of wiring and connectors in the battery results in a smaller, lighter, safer, and inherently more adaptable battery pack for energy storage systems.

The depth and accuracy of the data offers an array of benefits:

Extends battery Life​

Maximize usable capacity as cells age​

Extends vehicle range

Extend conservative operating limits​

Faster charging​

Measurements at cell level allow precise charging control​


On cell diagnostics and tracking through life​

Second life use​

Enabling residual value through on cell provenance data ​

Latest insights

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Dukosi expands into Asia with first South Korean Office

Battery management specialist Dukosi has announced it has expanded into Asia, with its first offices in South Korea. The firm, which produces integrated circuits that monitor battery cells in electric vehicles and industrial energy storage applications, is headquartered in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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To develop revolutionary technologies that dramatically improve the performance, safety and efficiency of battery systems

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