Powering the future of electric vehicles

Enhanced battery safety with 24/7 monitoring of every cell
Greater range per charge
Next generation battery performance

Next generation battery performance

Dukosi chip-on-cell helps deliver the performance gains needed for the next generation of electric vehicles.

How Dukosi delivers greater performance

Using Dukosi chip-on-cell technology we capture, and report accurate, real-time information from every cell in the battery via contactless communication.

Eliminating the majority of wiring and connectors in the battery results in a smaller, lighter, safer, and inherently more adaptable battery pack for electric vehicles.

The depth and accuracy of data offers an array of benefits to electric vehicles:

Extend vehicle range

Maximize usable capacity even as cells age​

Accelerate time to market

A flexible and scalable platform for different markets

Faster charging​

Measurements at cell level allow precise charging control​

Lifetime data

On cell diagnostics with lifecycle data tracking

Second life use​

Promoting sustainability and enabling a circular economy

Developing revolutionary technologies that dramatically improve the performance, safety and efficiency of battery systems

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