These are my personal top ten electric cars ranked by “coolness”:

1. Rimac Concept One

Rimac Concept One

What is it? Full electric concept vehicle from Croatia.
What’s cool? 1088hp hypercar which looks the part.
What’s not? $1m price tag (actually that makes it more cool!).

2. Chreos


What is it? Full electric vehicle announced by Silex Power.
What’s cool? Stunning rear end and amazing spec. 0-100km/hr in 2.9s, 1000km range.
What’s not? It is still in development so will it meet the target specification?

3. Lightning GT


What is it? British full electric high performancegrand tourer.
What’s cool? Very exclusive – only 50 to be made.
What’s not? Not available yet.

4. Tesla Model S


What is it? Full electric family sized 5 door high performance car.
What’s cool? Telsa made electric cars cool, but…
What’s not? ..they are getting surprisingly common (although not in purple).

5. Formula-E


What is it? Full electric FIA regulated racing car.
What’s cool? F1 style racing on street circuits around the world.
What’s not? Not road legal (obviously!).

6. LaFerrari


What is it? A hybrid that happens to be the fastest road Ferrari ever.
What’s cool? Stunning limited edition Ferrari – only 499 to be made.
What’s not? I am not on the waiting list (because they cost $1.7m).

7. BMW i8


What is it? A plug-in hybrid BMW sports car.
What’s cool? 134.5 imperial mpg from a high performance car that looks this good.
What’s not? Simulated engine noises through the audio system!!!

8. McLaren P1

McLaren P1

What is it? A plug-in hybrid hypercar using F1 technology.
What’s cool? It is lightning quick.
What’s not? Why plug-in for just 6.2 mile electric range?

9. Porsche 918 Spyder


What is it? A mid-engined plug-in hybrid supercar.
What’s cool? An extreme but useable supercar that still saves the planet.
What’s not? It doesn’t really save the planet.

10. Audi e-tron Spyder Hybrid


What is it? High performance diesel-electric plug-in hybrid.
What’s cool? An Audi e-tron powered car won Le Mans 24 hour.
What’s not? First shown in 2010 and still not available.

My coolometer was excited by performance, looks and anything else that significantly increased my pulse This was balanced against anything that made the car less cool. I put the full electrics first (1-5) followed by the coolest hybrid electrics (6-10). It is a personal opinion based on no science and I am sure you will have a different list. So what does your list look like and what have I missed?