As Formula E’s premier season draws to a close, it’s given us a lot to think about and a lot to look forward to.

There will be plenty of opinions out there on the great wide web before Sunday is over and we thought we’d add ours to the pot too – Alejandro Agag, if you’re reading here’s our two pence!




For the most part I like this aspect of Formula E, it’s interactive and it’s a world away from Formula One.

Our suggestion: make it live. Let us be able to vote as the race happens. It’ll be 100x more exciting and unpredictable and really keep everyone – drivers included – on their toes. I no longer want to tweet or Facebook about it, I want to directly influence what I’m seeing.

Bring on the competition between the fans!



Female Drivers

My personal favourite aspect of Formula E. This is light years away from F1 in the best possible way. Female drivers are not the test drivers or behind the scenes, they’re at the front going nose to nose with the guys. 

FIA Formula E Fifth Test 19th August 2014. Donington Park Race Circuit Derby, England Tuesday 19 August 2014. Photo: Malcolm Griffiths/ LAT/ Formula E ref: Digital Image F80P9039

FIA Formula E Fifth Test 19th August 2014. Donington Park Race Circuit
Photo: Malcolm Griffiths/ LAT/ Formula E ref: Digital Image F80P9039

Have you noticed that no one has paid special attention to this? In my opinion that’s the best way, it shouldn’t be a big deal, females in motorsport should be the norm. Even the mere mention of a female driver may make younger female fans see it as a viable dream and more females in general could take up racing from karting level right to the top at Formula 1 (for example, 20 year old Beitske Visser, one to potentially keep an eye on in the near future).

British driver, Katherine Legge, stated that ‘Formula E is based on talent not gender’. Does this mean we could see more female drivers? Yes should be the answer, I’ll even add a please. Please, can we have more female drivers in Formula E and all motorsport?




Inner City Tracks

Oh so cool and chic. Mostly cool, really, incredibly cool. My favourite track was Moscow, what a stunning backdrop of St. Basil’s gleaming in all its glory. I may be biased in that I love that city but Formula E showed it in a wonderful, new light. A city that can embrace the new.

It makes motorsport more accessible, it’s no longer for the ‘hardcore’ ‘die in the mud’ fans, it’s for everyone who fancies a bit of a spectacle.

What have you thought of Formula E’s first season? We think the next few seasons will be very interesting and only get better than this one. They’ve hit the ground at a fair speed (not full speed, yet) and can only improve.



Formula E will eventually stand alone from its petrol-head cousin, F1, it’ll just take time to convince some people it’s a separate entity and should be celebrated as such.