The Formula E championship will change our perception of electric vehicles by showing their impressive capabilities of cutting edge electric car technology. 

Electric cars may have been around in some form for decades but it is the first time that a major international motorsport series has been created to embrace them. Watching electric vehicles (EVs) racing is a game of changing perceptions and a great way to capture people’s attention. More than that, electric cars will get the chance to convince us about their incredible performance capabilities and encourage further development of EV technology.

Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA)’s decision to host an all electric car championship is not just about racing, but a milestone in the future development of electric cars. Among the most common misconceptions around electric cars are that are not fast or reliable. Once motorsport spectators and television viewers are convinced that EVs are not slow and boring, but instead they of equal speed, reliability and endurance to conventional racing cars, they will understand that this represents the future for road vehicles. I believe that Formula E (FE) can really change general public perception and acceptance of EVs to accelerate the market uptake.

I’m sure you must have heard of government predictions saying that electric cars will need to radically replace conventional cars in the future. However, demonstrating their green credentials through wheel-to-wheel racing seems to me a clear message that now is a good time to start taking action towards reducing air pollution in our cities. Furthermore, hosting the FE racing series in the heart of some of the world’s biggest cities rather than using the purpose built racing tracks developed for F1, is probably a tangible way to promote sustainable mobility in urban environments.

Formula E is an entertainment opportunity that will promote public interest and also a framework for pushing the leading edge of EV developments and showcasing and testing these technological innovations. Formula E Championship Chief Executive Alejandro Agag said “we need to find new ways and more efficient batteries” and there is much anticipation for technological advancements from car manufacturers and EV vehicle manufacturers.

The first Formula E race is Beijing in September of this year. It looks like an exciting time for companies like Dukosi to help drive the change towards technologically advanced electric vehicles.