A rapidly expanding charging point network and advanced charging infrastructure is set to accelerate electric vehicles adoption in United Kingdom.

Perhaps one of the most common questions is how well we are prepared for the mass adoption of electric vehicles? Recent government funding for better charging infrastructure in Scotland and rapidly expanding charging points across the United Kingdom are important steps forward. This will support a quicker adoption of electric vehicles in the UK and remove a significant concern stopping people from buying an electric car.

The Scottish Government and Transport Scotland announced earlier this week a £15 million funding package as part of its plan to support mass adoption of EVs. The investment will encourage people to buy electric cars by improving charging infrastructure across Scotland. This includes installing rapid chargers at 35 mile intervals and introducing 300 new charging points. Living in Edinburgh myself, I believe this is a great initiative that will encourage us and ensure that Scotland is ready for mass adoption of EVs.

The UK as a whole is preparing for mass adoption of EVs and rapidly expanding its network of charging points. Having charging points widely deployed and open to everyone (using a particular connector) is definitely a positive sign encouraging us to buy EVs. Electric cars are not futuristic, modern cities are getting ready to accept them now.

Providing more efficient and widely available charging infrastructure in cities is surely a welcoming message for quicker EVs adoption. This will reduce concerns that you will be unable to charge your car after leaving home.