Tesla has test drive events in Edinburgh this week and Dukosi took a Tesla Model S for a test drive.

IMG_4334Today, together with Dukosi’s CTO, Joel Sylvester and Principal Engineer, Adrian Jones, we had the pleasure of driving the Model S, in Tesla’s test drive event in Edinburgh. Any of you who have ever driven this car will know what I’m talking about. But, really, Tesla has created an electric car with impeccable performance and genuinely desirable and luxurious style.

The Model S, has a battery pack comprised of 7000 lithium-ion cells placed in the floor of the car. This gives the car a capacity of 85 kWh (which is the longest range version) and enables it to cover 312 miles on a single full charge. Speaking about its impressive range during our 20 minute drive, reminded me of an article I’ve recently read in the Sunday Times , where the reporters travelled with the Model S from Edinburgh to London with only two stops for recharging.


Unlike other electric vehicles, the Model S combines refinement with practicality. Having a 17-inch main touchscreen and digital instrument display it makes for an exciting and fun car to drive. At the same time, both its cabin and exterior style remind of high-end luxury saloon, which should make the Model S popular to a general audience and not only EV enthusiasts.

Chatting to the Tesla specialist who accompanied us, it was also interesting to hear about the Tesla supercharger they recently opened in Edinburgh airport.

Overall, driving the Model S was a great experience which I would highly recommend so if you are also living in Edinburgh there’s still time to book in for a test drive. And be sure to let me know your review at Twitter and LinkedIn.