Company culture in practice should be useful, stimulate productivity, company and personal growth, creativity, innovation, and can mean the difference between people staying and leaving.

Research that has been carried out on the topic has mainly been conducted in America, but the findings can easily be applied anywhere. The University of Southern California & the University of Minnesota stated that the research showed that, “…corporate culture is, above all else, the most important factor in driving innovation”. In the UK, the University of Warwick found that, “Happy employees are 12% more productive…” which equates to 1 day’s extra work per week.

Although nearly all companies have a vision statement, it’s key that this is put into practice and isn’t a mere HR/PR requirement just there as a tick box exercise.

How do we aim to create a positive company culture at Dukosi?

Simply put, a company is nothing without its employees. So, it’s worthwhile investing in the people to keep the company going!

We believe that what you put in you will get equal to or more out.

In practice, we aim to be loyal to our employees so that they are to loyal to us. If we offer room for innovation and decision-making, they will take those opportunities and create something new, diverse and reactive. We want our team to find benefit in the company and its people.

We work as a team with little hierarchy. This allows anyone within the company to air their opinions and ideas, which is hugely beneficial to all and to our technological ideas and advancement.

A little can go a long way. 

Does a colleague seem stressed? Make them a drink and get them to take some time out, away from their screen.

Ensure that you remember to praise the good work more than you criticise the not-so-good work.

Remember, your colleagues and workmates are people.

We believe a company’s culture should be honest, practical, and worthwhile for everyone.

But don’t take my word for it! Here’s some of the words that spring to my colleagues’ mind when they think of Dukosi…