After a very busy week in the middle of September, George & Paul have now compiled their notes and disseminated their finds from The Battery Show.

George, our Customer Solutions & Programme Director is a veteran of the Battery Show, whereas Paul, our CEO, it was his first experience of a battery industry show and conference.

The Battery Show could be seen as the Glastonbury of battery conferences, the crème de la crème, the biggest and the best.

George & Paul very much hit the ground running, as we had enlisted Michael Muzzin to help us with business development activity prior to the show. Michael is ‘our man on the ground’ and our States-side business development manager with 8 years’ experience in the battery industry and even longer in automotive.

Each day had back to back meetings but before it all kicked off the team decided to see who was top dog when it came to electric go-karting… Turns out we have some racers in the company with Dukosi taking Gold & Bronze positions! (Paul beating George to the top spot).

Even after the first day of meetings and discussions, the guys were encouraged by the feedback – confirming that what we’re creating is as good as we thought was!

Dukosi’s wireless technology is the “next frontier to reduce battery cost”

CTO, One of the World's Largest Cell & Battery Manufacturers

In reference to Dukosi’s unique architecture and smart cell capability “no other BMS on the market can do this”

CTO, Major Cell Manufacturer

Our key takeaway from the event was our technology map is going in the right direction and does indeed offer the industry real benefits and value over the whole cell and battery lifecycle as confirmed by the great feedback we received.

We are even more excited for the Battery Show in Europe now, where we will have a booth. Booth number 237 to be precise. We can’t wait to show everyone more of our technology and meet even more great people.