At Dukosi we are lucky to be situated in a beautiful part of the world, however, this could lead to a lot of our staff to think that using a car would be the easiest mode of transport to reach us. However, nearly a third of our workforce commute to work regularly on their bikes. 

Cycling UK who run #BikeWeekUK offer some advice for employers to encourage their staff to cycle to work. These include:

  • Showering Facilities
  • ‘Pool’ bikes
  • Safe, secure and convenient cycle parking facilities

Dukosi certainly offers these three, and since the installation of our covered cycle rack have noticed a increase in the commitment from the cyclists.

As we all know cycling is a great form of exercise, but cycling to work has a wider impact than on the cyclist health. According to Cycling UK it can help with the “business costs of congestion, reduces an organisation’s impact on the local and wider environment… and it’s likely that levels of absenteeism will drop”. 

For #BikeWeekUK we thought we’d let our low carbon commuters tell us what they love about cycling. 

Scroll through the images below to see what they said.