Dukosi demonstrating the first chip-on-cell, wireless battery monitoring solution at the Battery Show North America 2022

PRESS RELEASE  September 12th 2022

Join Dukosi’s executive and technical team at Booth 2929 at The Battery Show North America from September 13th to September 15th in Novi, Mi. See a live demonstration of Dukosi’s novel, synchronous, high-precision, chip-on-cell battery monitoring platform.

Dukosi’s platform transforms the way that battery management systems and battery packs are designed. The highly space efficient solution removes the requirement for wires, connectors, and wave guides, and eliminates the need for line-of-sight transmission. This enables highly flexible battery and pack designs, and truly enables cell-to-pack architectures. It also reduces the costs and complexities in cell manufacturing and handling processes.

Near field communication of synchronously measured and locally processed data is communicated from hundreds of cells to a central BMS master. This ensures all errors are detected and enables the BMS master to reliably predict cell-level safety 24/7. The cell based, near field approach also reduces the likelihood of short circuits, isolation breakdown, and eliminates the possibility of outside interference.

On the exhibition floor there will be physical demonstrations of how Dukosi’s solution can be integrated with pouch cells, cylindrical cells, and prismatic cells.

Vice President of Global Product Management Carlton Brown said


“We are excited to be able to demonstrate our innovative wireless Battery Monitoring solution at The Battery Show North America this year. The show is key to our expansion into the North America market.”

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About Dukosi

Dukosi is a fabless semiconductor company. It enables lighter, less complex high voltage batteries, with more granular data reported and processed. It does this by providing a wireless sensor hub for each cell, eliminating all the wires, pins, connectors, and printed circuit boards of modular battery systems. A single antenna cable, paired with NFC technology, communicates from hundreds of cells to one central BMS per battery, without requiring line-of-sight, enabling a flexible, true cell to pack architecture.

Developing revolutionary technologies that dramatically improve the performance, safety and efficiency of battery systems

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